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    News | Information about Peru & Chile

    What is happening in the countries we import from is important, both politically and economically. We keep abreast of what is going on by talking on a daily basis with our suppliers. Read More
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Promoting trade between Europe and Latin America.

Our objective is to be catalyst in creating new trade between the west coast of South America and Europe. We take on many roles and do so in a way that best suits both our suppliers and clients. In effect we are importers, agents, and representatives and our motto is “the path of least resistance”. We also take on the role of consulting suppliers on what is required to enter new markets. We understand that each product line has its own requirements and more importantly understand that end clients need to be able to have open lines of communication with all parties involved. For this reason, Humboldt represents only one supplier per product line. This approach ensures transparency and long term stability, required for the development of new product lines.