• We take Pride in our Products

    We take Pride in our Products

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With over 50 years combined experience in the fishing industry, Humboldt Trading was founded with the aim of promoting trade between Europe and Latin America. Although traditionally the main trading partners for Latin America have been North America and Asia, Europe is beginning to look at Latin America as one of the primary food producers of the world. We use our knowledge of consumer trends in Europe and products that are available in Latin America to offer new opportunities to both suppliers and customers. Local political and legislative knowledge as well as an understanding of how natural occurrences can affect supply is also an imperative. We promote contact between supplier and end customers, in the belief that we are offering a service that is valued by all parties.

The two founding members are Damien Combes and Michael Combes. Damien was educated in Britain but has lived a good portion of his life in Chile. Having worked on fishing boats since he was 16 in the south of Chile and Alaska, he has hands on understanding of the fishing industry and the food industry in general. After many years as head of logistics for a major frozen vegetable company and as General Manager of a canned tuna company in Chile, he moved back to the United Kingdom in 2003 to set up Humboldt Trading.  He speaks English, French and Spanish fluently and has a very deep understanding of the cultural differences between Latin America and the Europe. Michael Combes is still on the board of Marco, one the world’s premier industrial fishing boat companies.